Dwelling's birth dates back to 98 as a solo project by Nuno Roberto. Keeping in mind the creation of music based solely on acoustic instruments, he collected melodies and fragments of varied inspiration, often conceived having the seaside landscape of the Algarve as background.

In the year 2000, the need to enrich the project's musical framework and to turn it into a more established entity would ultimately lead to the recruiting of additional members: Sílvia Freitas, on violin, Catarina Raposo, on vocals, Jaime Ferreira, on bass guitar, and Helder Dias, on guitar.

During the writing process that ensued, the band wrote down the general guidelines for new songs, and, finally, the turn of the year 2001 met the band finalizing the five pieces that they would later record during the course of March 2001 and which they presented on "Moments", the bands debut MCD on Equilibrium Music.

In September 2002, and following various live performances in support of "Moments", Helder Dias left the band, having been replaced shortly after by Nicholas Ratcliffe. The two months that followed were spent preparing the recording sessions for their new material, as well as another set of live shows, which would take them to Madrid for an appearance at the Arcana Europa international festival.

The first full-length album, "Humana", was recorded during the winter of 2002/2003, and released via their label Equilibrium Music in October on that same year. The band spent the end of 2003 and the whole year in 2004 promoting it, featuring in numerous concerts all over Portugal, and a couple of trips abroad to perfom at Rome and Modena, in Italy, and also at Liepzig, Germany, where they were a part of the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen.

Closing the cicle on "Humana", Dwelling welcomed two new members - Moritz Branco, for classical guitar, thus replacing Nicholas Ratcliffe, and Alexandra Bochmann, for violin. The years 2005 and 2006 were devoted to the preparation of the sucessor of "Humana".

After numerous delays, “Ainda é Noite” would see the light of day in April 2007, followed by the usual live appearances supporting it.

Current Line-Up

Alexandra Bochmann
Silvia Freitas

Catarina Raposo

Jaime Ferreira

Moritz Branco

classical guitar
Nuno Roberto

classical guitar